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Hello, and welcome to Willowbird Studio.  I am excited to share my work with you.  I love handmade things, and constantly have a project on the go. 

I read a lot of art and craft books, and I am always impressed by the people who have spent a lifetime perfecting their skills in one medium or technique.  While I admire them, I have long ago given up on trying to emulate them.  My brain is like a pinball machine: I bounce from one project to another, sometimes interrupting one thing to try something entirely different.  Therefore, when visiting my blog you may see any of the following topics discussed: knitting, beading, drawing, sewing, quilting, polymer clay, jewellery making, cooking, reading, and more.

To give you a feel for the type of work I do, I have selected three projects to show you.

Lately I have been using image transfers and polymer clay to create jewellery.

I am enjoying exploring this technique, and I will be sharing more about it in future posts.

Whenever I learn about a new craft I feel compelled to try it out.  I was given some needle felting needles and roving by my aunt, and I made this doll.

I loved making this, and I've been meaning to get back to needle felting.  

Like a magpie, I am drawn to beads and other shiny things.  In addition to jewellery making, I also do off-loom bead weaving.  Here is a doll with a beaded face.

As I develop my blog, I plan to move beyond simply sharing my work.  I want to inspire creativity in others, so in addition to discussing my latest projects I will also offer tips, tricks, and tutorials on a variety of subjects.  Come again soon!


  1. love it! It sounds like you are just casually talking to me! Cant wait to see what you share!

  2. Thanks for the feedback,Theresa!

  3. This is bound to be an interesting blog...I'll be back to check it out regularly.

  4. Hello Willow. I am so excited to follow your blog. You are so talented it will be fun to see what you you have in store for us. Lol


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