Design Your Own Fabric!

I was reading a discussion in the Etsy forums a while back, and someone made a passing reference to printing her own fabric using Spoonflower. I was intrigued, because I have always wanted to design my own fabric.  When I looked up Spoonflower, I was immediately smitten. You really can create your own fabric from any type of design: vector graphics, scans from original artwork, or even photographs.

I created my first two designs a few weeks ago, and I got my fabric this week.  My first design is a garden full of nasturtiums.

For my second design, I drew apple blossoms.

I created both of these designs by drawing with colored pencils.  I did a lot of detailed shading, and I am really happy with the amount of that work that comes through in the finished fabric. In order to get seamless repeats, I first used a cutting and taping technique on my layout sketches. Then after the drawings were complete, I scanned them and perfected the repeats using Gimp.

Visit my shop on Spoonflower to see these designs, and stay tuned for more designs in the future.


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