Five Reasons to Learn to Knit

I do a lot of artsy/crafty things, but sometimes life gets in the way and it is hard to find the time to be creative.  The one thing I absolutely always have on the go is a knitting project.  This is a stack of things I have knitted in the past year:

I highly encourage everyone with a crafty bent to learn to knit, and to that end I have come up with the following five reasons why you should do so.

1.  You only need a few supplies.  You can get started with two knitting needles and one ball of yarn. 

2.  It is a great way for fidgety people to keep their hands occupied.  If you are knitting, you won't be twirling your hair, biting your nails, etc.

3.  You will never have to feel guilty about watching trashy TV again.  You're not really watching it; it's just on "in the background" while you are doing your knitting!

4.  If you are broke, you can make impressive gifts that don't cost a lot of money.  You can knit a hat out of lovely wool for about $7-8.  It's even cheaper if you use (gasp!) acrylic. 

5.  When you wear a sweater you've knit yourself, and receive the inevitable compliments, you will get the thrill of saying, "I made it!"

If you do start knitting, or are already a knitter, be sure to check out Ravelry.  It is an invaluable resource, especially for checking for errors in patterns before you begin a project.  You can find me, and photos of all my projects, as well; my username is Willowbird.



  1. I do not plan on taking up knitting but I loved reading this - when I read it I hear you talking in my head! It is hilarious and true! Love it :)

  2. Thank you Theresa. You never know...I might convince you to try knitting one day!


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