I have a lot of different creative outlets and get easily distracted, so it is inevitable that I end up with many U.F.O.s (unfinished objects).  I started this drunkard's path quilt almost 10 years ago.  It was the first quilt I designed myself.  The squiggly path starts out yellow in the centre and blends to red at the edges, and the background blends from navy at the centre to light blue at the edges.  

It is beautiful, and it has been stuck on my design wall since I moved into my current house 5 years ago.  All I need to do is put borders on it, layer it, and quilt it.  The problem is that I realized that I love designing and piecing quilts, but I'm not a huge fan of the quilting process.  I plan to one day buckle down and quilt it anyway, because I would really like to see this finished.


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