A Blast from the Past

I start new projects all the time, and I have my art and crafts all over my house. Sometimes I forget about things that I made years ago, and it's fun to rediscover them.  I made this polymer clay doll when I was in university ( about 15 years ago: yikes).

If I remember correctly, I used Super Sculpey for the main flesh colour. I didn't use any paint; all of the details (including the eyes) are done with polymer clay; I used Sculpey III for the coloured parts. You can see the details better in this close-up.

The head, hands, and feet are made from polymer clay and were stitched to a stuffed felt body. The dress is silk, and I created it as I sewed it onto the body.

I moved onto other projects after making this. Looking at her again makes me think that I should make some more polymer clay dolls.


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