It's Not a Mistake: It's a Challenge!

When I learn to use a new medium I spend quite a bit of time establishing a system so that I can get consistent results every time.  I enjoy the process of discovering the tricks of a technique. 

Unfortunately, while the scientific part of my brain loves a system, the artsy half is a bit more impatient and easily distracted.  Despite my good intentions, and even following my own rules, I don't always get the result I expect.  On this polymer clay transfer I didn't use enough liquid polymer clay, or I forgot to rub the back of the paper with a bone folder after I ran it through the pasta machine.

Now that is a messed up transfer!  When this happens, I could choose to scrap it and try again.  After all, polymer clay is not overly expensive.  However, I really don't like to waste things.  When I get a dodgy transfer I choose to see it as a challenge: how can I turn this ruined object into something beautiful?

The first step is to cover up the glitchy areas.  In this case I chose to make flowers.  After I covered all the mistakes, I had to put some flowers in other areas as well so that the piece would look balanced.  Then I added tendrils and small leaves to further add to the design; this also makes it look more intentional.

Voila!  What started as a piece that was destined for the garbage is now something pretty that I can turn into a necklace.


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