I Must Have That!

I go to the library with my husband and kids at least once a week, and I sign out many art and craft books.  In fact, we sign out so many books at a time that we had to purchase one of those carts that elderly people use for their groceries because we were throwing our backs out carrying our books. 

I find so much inspiration from seeing other artists' work, and I have taught myself many of the crafts I know through reading other people's excellent instructions. For the most part I use instructions as a jumping-off point. Unless I am learning a new technique, I rarely follow any pattern exactly.  However, I occasionally see a project in a book that gives me the "I must have that" feeling. I am compelled to make it immediately, regardless of how many other projects I already have on the go. This happened to me when I read Omiyage: Handmade Gifts in the Japanese Tradition, by Kumiko Sudo. I couldn't help myself: I had to make this ball.

 51 cm (20") in circumference

Thank you Kumiko Sudo. I love this gorgeous object!


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